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The Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS) is a field operating agency of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Requirements, Headquarters U.S. Air Force. The Agency is located in Orlando's Central Florida Research Park, with DoD, Joint, service, contractor, and educational organizations focused on modeling and simulation (M&S). Proximity to these other agencies offers the Air Force the maximum leverage and advantage of the developing programs and technologies enhancing the Air Force ability to provide ready forces.


Enhance and leverage Modeling and Simulation to support and facilitate integrated, realistic and efficient operational training across warfighter domains to enhance full-spectrum readiness.


AFAMS is organized into two divisions, each managing several key programs.

The Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) Foundations Division (MSF) supports the Air Force's LVC foundational areas of Workforce Development and Education; Knowledge Management and Outreach; and LVC Integrated Architectures and Standards as the Air Force's LVC operational training (LVC-OT) infrastructure integrator and implementer of associated Air Force LVC policy, guidance, and oversight. The Workforce Development and Education responsibilities include educating and professionalizing the Air Force's current and future modeling and simulation (M&S) experts and users, and Air Force leaders. Knowledge Management (KM) and Outreach is responsible for communicating, disseminating and collaborating M&S information, and informing senior leaders on Air Force M&S capabilities for their support and advocacy. The LVC Integrated Architectures and Standards duties include implementation of an LVC enterprise architecture and interoperable standards to primarily support the Air Force's MAJCOMs and Service Core Functions LVC-OT efforts and integration with acquisition and analysis/decision making M&S efforts.

The Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) Operations Division (MSO) is the HQ Air Force-level LVC operational training (LVC-OT) integrator for the following AF Service Core Functions (SCFs): Air Superiority (AS), Global Precision Attack (GPS), Personnel Recovery (PR), Nuclear Deterrence Operations (NDO), Rapid Global Mobility (RGM), and Special Operations (SO). It is a MAJCOM customer focused division with its primary role being the facilitator and integrator of CAF, MAF and SOF LVC-OT capabilities. It advocates CAF, MAF and SOF LVC-OT requirements, integrates their LVC-OT capabilities and modeling and simulation enterprise efforts, and promotes appropriate representation of Air Force CAF, MAF and SOF air, space and cyberspace capabilities. The division also implements Air Force LVC-OT policy, guidance and oversight for the CAF/MAF/SOF Air Force SCFs listed above.